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One of the best bits of advice I recall getting in my junior years is if something looks honest and legit on the outside, ask who is the ones saying it, and follow the money.

As is common with environmental organizations, when you do a basic search on their name everything comes up roses. When you dig deeper new clues appear. First off why do we need an environmental organization when we have a goverment already mandated to do that job? So next you have to ask who and why is an organization taking on this job, and you have to be born a fool if you for a second think that they did it for you and me.

They do what they are paid to do by those who pay them to do it. The Ford Foundation is 100% American owned and operated.

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The details

That is a lot of money, and a lot of influence peddling. Click to Enlarge

As they say the devil is in the details, below is a copy paste from their website that sort of says it all. Look at the people they are connected to, my dad used to say birds of a feather flock together.

Membership in MiningWatch Canada is comprised of not-for-profit organisations working on environmental, social justice, international development and aboriginal issues. Member groups will serve as primary program and campaign partners and will assist in the development of strategy via input to the annual meeting. Membership applications are approved by the Board of MiningWatch Canada. Membership is not available to for-profit organisations or associations thereof. MiningWatch Canada programs and services are also accessible to non-member groups.The members of MiningWatch Canada are:

  1. Alternatives North
  2. Bathurst Sustainable Development
  3. CELA – the CanadianEnvironmental Law Association
  4. CPAWS – the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
  5. CUPE – Canadian Union of Public Employees
  6. Development and Peace – the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP)
  7. Friends of the Earth Canada
  8. Friends of the Stikine Society
  9. Innu Nation
  10. Inter Pares
  11. Kairos – Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives, an ecumenical partnership bringing together the Aboriginal Rights Coalition, the Canada Asia Working Group, the Ecumenical Coalition for Economic Justice, Inter-Church Action for Development, Relief and Justice, the Inter-Church Coalition on Africa, the Inter-Church Committee for Human Rights in Latin America, the Inter-Church Committee for Refugees, PLURA (antipoverty named after its Presbyterian, Lutheran, United, Roman Catholic and Anglican sponsors), the Taskforce on the Churches and Corporate Responsibility, and TEN DAYS for Global Justice
  12. The Mixedwood Forest Society
  13. Nature Canada (formerly the Canadian Nature Federation)
  14. Northwatch – a coalition of environmental and social justice groups in northeastern Ontario.
  15. OPSEU (Ontario Public Service Employees Union) Social Justice Fund
  16. Polaris Institute
  17. Public Service Alliance of Canada
  18. Quebec Native Women
  19. Rivers Without Borders
  20. Sierra Club of Canada
  21. Steelworkers Humanity Fund
  22. UNIFOR Social Justice Fund
  23. United Church of Canada
  24. Watershed Sentinel Educational Society
  25. YCS – the Yukon Conservation Society

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