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ForestEthics – Stand.Earth

Stand.Earth is not considered a charitable organization, so be aware if you give money to them, its your own fault if they pocket the funds. They make the claim that they are a registered non-profit in Canada. but no such record exists with Revenue Canada. They registered their name, that is the limit of their registration in British Columbia. These crooks used their change of name registration to claim they have charitable status in BC.

Click to enlarge) Note the BC Reg Id: S0059653 Let me say it again, they are NOT registered as a non profit in Canada, they are are simply a registered society.
Click to Enlarge – Note the S-0059653 is a society number not a charity number.

Let me quote, as this quote pretty much sums up what both ForestEthics & Stand.Earth are all about. It also explains why they needed to change their face and rename themselves to a name people would not recognize. read more

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative would not even have been on our radar, but for their connections to two radical groups, Wildsight and Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition.

The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative is run by an American –  Dr. Jodi Hilty and is technically speaking based out of Canmore, Alberta, Canada even though she is from the USA.

Since 1993, more than 450 partner groups have joined forces to support the shared mission and vision. Y2Y’s work is a collaborative effort of conservation groups, government agencies, Indigenous governments, landowners, wildlife scientists, planners, businesses, economists, and other individuals and groups interested in protecting native wildlife, ecological processes, and wilderness in the Rocky Mountains of North America. read more

The Swift Foundation

This is an American Foundation that also has acquired registered charity status in Canada. We would not even have had them on our radar but for the admission of funding by both the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition and Skeenawild Conservation Trust.

Follow the Money

The Swift Foundation in Canada received funding from none other than Tides Canada Foundation (Non-profit) and please check out that link from Influence Watch.

We often on this site refer to the sideways shuffle of American funding that ends up in a money laundering way, into the hands of local eco activists. Yet when you read what the Swift Foundation declared on the Revenue Canada declaration. nothing appears. read more

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Di spite what Paul Watson say the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in not a charitable cause, the claim to be non profit is also something that cannot be proven.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is a non-profit,  activist society located in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, USA.

The predecessor organization of Sea Shepherd, the “Earth Force Society”, was formed in 1977, after its founder, Paul Watson was ousted from the board of Greenpeace for disagreements over his direct action activism which clashed with their pacifist nature. Watson soon left Greenpeace. Initially without funding and with only a small group of supporters, Watson convinced Cleveland Amory, head of the Fund for Animals, to fund Watson’s first vessel, the Sea Shepherd in 1978. read more

Pacific Wild

Karen McAllister initially, she worked as an environmental extremist in campaigns on Vancouver Island’s rain forests.  Moving north in the 1990s as an environmental extremist to central and north coast of B.C. She coauthored The Great Bear Rainforest with her husband Ian, and is a conservation director of Pacific Wild.

Meaning no such place as the The Great Bear Rainforest  existed before, it became a catch phrase.

At this time they seem so have an obsession with saving wolves in a most peculiar manner, completely out of tune with the science, but big on heartstrings social media. read more