Foreign Political Interference in Skeena—Bulkley Valley

U.S. environmental protest charity 350 is hiring staff to organize summertime protests in eight B.C. ridings, two in Ont. and one in Alta. 350 was instrumental in 2020’s Shut Down Canada blockades. Several 350 staffers organized anti-Israel blockades since 10/7.

BC Forests on Fire thanks to Stand.Earth and Eco.Junkies

One of the primary objectives of this website has been to spotlight how outsiders are seriously damaging our way of life in Northern British Columbia.

Our title is no accident, these people are creating a perfect storm for forest fires

Environmentalists need to come clean on Income and Expenses We need Legislation.

Industry is the backbone of our nation, we regulate it, we have laws to protect the environment, and we as a society foolishly allow individuals from other nations to undermine Canadian Industry.

We are not talking about industrial proposals, we