formerly known as ForestEthics formerly known as ForestEthics is notoriously known for telling outright lies, they have no morals or scruples, they do not care, the end justifies the means, that pretty much sums up who they are, other than they are no longer a Canadian organization. They constantly post research that is malicious fiction to manipulate the minds of those who are most vulnerable. is an American is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization incorporated under the laws of the State of California in 1999 as ForestEthics is registered Society in Canada, under the Societies Act and is not a registered charity,

They gave up their charitable status so it can take on the federal government, meaning that an American Organization could use American money to manipulate the outcome of federal or provincial elections.


Much of the following quotes comes from the research done by Vivian Krause, who is the number one hated favourite by leftist media.

“New information contained in U.S. tax returns makes clear that a large percentage of the fuss over the Northern Gateway pipeline has been generated by a single, American organization: ForestEthics, based in San Francisco. In its 2012 tax return, filed with the I.R.S., ForestEthics claims credit for having generated fully 87 percent of the letters of comment sent to the National Energy Board regarding the Joint Review Panel for the Northern Gateway.”

“Between 2009 and 2012, ForestEthics USA transferred $3.3 million to Canadian counter-parts, tax returns say. The recipients are not identified except in 2012 when ForestEthics USA reported that it paid $466,711 to sister organizations in British Columbia, ForestEthics Solutions Society and ForestEthics Advocacy Association which split off from Tides Canada in 2012.”

“In 2011, ForestEthics reported to the I.R.S. that the Tar Sands campaign had reached “a critical turning point.” “After securing the introduction of legislation calling for a tanker ban on BC coast, we amplified the opposition of First Nations and other communities, including by organizing a series of flights over the pipeline route for First Nations remembers that earned coverage in National Geographic, Outside and other outlets. We also focused on preparing for the National Energy Board’s Joint Review Panel (JRP), the body responsible for assessing the pipeline proposal,” reported ForestEthics to the I.R.S.”

Tanker ban? Nathan Cullen ring a bell? or “Canada’s Stupid Tanker Ban

“Since 2008, ForestEthics has been the workhorse of the Tar Sands campaign, co-funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Tides Foundation. Tides has dispersed more than $20 million for the Tar Sands campaign, including US$1.3 million to ForestEthics. The origin of these funds is not revealed by Tides.”

“ForestEthics has also received funds for its Tar Sands campaign from U.S. sources other than Tides. For example, in 2012 the Compton Foundation paid ForestEthics $40,000 for its “mindfulness program” which provides “meditation, coaching, retreats, and “inspired vacations,” (quotation marks as per the original) to increase staff tenure and morale and reduce conflict around “difficult decisions.””

Click on this map, its their map, and every triangle is an outright lie, they claim these are sacred old growth forests.

These are the same people today killing our forest industry, again with the likes of Taylor Bachrach and his connections to many groups both local and aboard like the Sierra Club, they all work hand in hand and slip dollar bills under the table to pay for these dirty deeds.

They also played/paid a large role in the the Sacred Headwaters campaign led by the Tahltan Nation resulted in Shell oil company withdrawing its plans. Money can move mountains so these Americans use mountains of money to manipulate the Tahltan Nation into doing their dirty work for them.

Please also read – BC Forests on Fire thanks to Stand.Earth and Eco.Junkies

  We Need a Law – That governs Vote Manipulation.

Ethical rules of conduct by all organizations, media outlets and websites that are funded, and or, to influence the voters and financed by any sources outside of its board of directors on both elected and non-elected organizations. Any organization that uses public education, advocacy, protest, negotiation and non-violent direct action tactics or pays others, to achieve its goals using any money other than personal funds should be required to have an official audit, all funding received or distributed must be accounted for and that information must be public.

Contrary to leftists claims that environmentalist support is a gauge of public support, this is a outright lie, almost all support is obtained by way of funding misleading and false advertisements and organized staged protests by paid protestors

Hiding funds coming in and or being disbursed must be considered fraud.

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