Safe Rail – Northern BC

UPDATE: 03-26-2023 – See addendum

Safe Rail – Northern BC is a Facebook Page run by Friends of Morice-Bulkley is just  an extension of the Driftwood Foundation in collaboration with the Friends of Wild Salmon in a bid to stop proposed expansion to the Vopak Pacific Canada propane export terminal in Prince Rupert.

Their claim “These trains will travel through the hearts of our communities and along the banks of our wild salmon rivers, posing real risks to human safety and salmon health.” has never been proven. These hypocrisies can be seen having fund raisers using propane barbecues and driving gas and oil powered cars and trucks like its perfectly ok to tell others not to use it, but mind your own business when we use it ourselves. The real intention is they want to land lock the Canadian production beyond their own selfish needs and pretend they do so to protect salmon and children. Both are touch and feel points (kids and salmon) they are always hammering at the public to get a reaction.



Addendum:  UPDATE: 03-26-2023

Fear-mongering – just inventing fear. To show you how they play the game, they do not mention anything about tanker trucks with gasoline, oxygen and a dozen other extremely toxic goods rolling through on Highway 16  nor do they mention anything about existing natural gas lines, they have an agenda, period, one track mind to stop all industry. Sadly the local deputy fire-chief is allowing himself to be used by these extremists, as no city or town can ever be prepared for every scenario and these extremists play on that.

  We Need a Law – That governs Vote Manipulation.

Ethical rules of conduct by all organizations, media outlets and websites that are funded, and or, to influence the voters and financed by any sources outside of its board of directors on both elected and non-elected organizations. Any organization that uses public education, advocacy, protest, negotiation and non-violent direct action tactics or pays others, to achieve its goals using any money other than personal funds should be required to have an official audit, all funding received or distributed must be accounted for and that information must be public.

Contrary to leftists claims that environmentalist support is a gauge of public support, this is a outright lie, almost all support is obtained by way of funding misleading and false advertisements and organized staged protests by paid protestors

Hiding funds coming in and or being disbursed must be considered fraud.

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