Rosemary Fox

The Eco Activist profile of Rosemary Fox

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Even though Rosemary Fox is now deceased, the list of people in Northern BC would not be complete without her as part of it. Out of respect for the deceased we will refrain from commenting on the actions taken by her that we strongly do not agree with.

Rosemary Fox was a founding member of the Sierra Club BC, serving as a director and later board chair until the early 1990s. They are aligned with the international group, and if not for being heavily financed by the Tides Foundation would not be the organization they are today. Its without question that Tides funding was the primary key to operating all the groups Rosemary was part of.

In her later years, she sat on boards for the Bulkley Valley Research Centre, Bulkley Valley Community Resources Board, Environmental Mining Council of BC, Nature Canada and as conservation committee chair for BC Nature.

She was  Conservation Chair of  BC Nature for over 13 years. she was also Conservation Chair of the Federation of BC Naturalists for 4 years

She was a founding member of  the Bulkley Valley Research Centre and was on the Board of Directors from 2004 to 2011.

  We Need a Law – That governs Vote Manipulation.

Ethical rules of conduct by all organizations, media outlets and websites that are funded, and or, to influence the voters and financed by any sources outside of its board of directors on both elected and non-elected organizations. Any organization that uses public education, advocacy, protest, negotiation and non-violent direct action tactics or pays others, to achieve its goals using any money other than personal funds should be required to have an official audit, all funding received or distributed must be accounted for and that information must be public.

Contrary to leftists claims that environmentalist support is a gauge of public support, this is a outright lie, almost all support is obtained by way of funding misleading and false advertisements and organized staged protests by paid protestors

Hiding funds coming in and or being disbursed must be considered fraud.

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