Franklin Lopez

What has Franklin Lopez got to hide that it so critical that nobody should know his face?

What we learned was so staggering it felt like we had crossed over into a land of living fiction, however more staggering is it not fiction, its all for real, check it out, so some research, the following is a mind blowing experience that this is actually legal in Canada! This man belongs in jail, he is far to dangerous to be out on the streets.

Here is a quote from our previous research.

“First we have Franklin Lopez the Producer here is what we know about him. He has published hundreds of films online since 1998 under the name subMedia. What amazes me is just how far freedom of opinion is permitted in Canada, I would have classified most of his work as terrorism. Here is an example of his work, a screenshot from one of his videos. He lives in Montreal Canada from where he attacks the very nation he immigrated to, from behind a mask on all appearances.

What is wrong with Immigration Canada, this is the kind of garbage we should be keeping out of our country.”

I won’t plagiarize the work of another man, William Ray did an incredible job of exposing who this Franklin Lopez is by taking off his mask. Without further adieu the story he wrote is below the line. Franklin Lopez, American Antifa causing Violence Canada Wide for a decade Please have a look at his website, there is a lot of research here.

Here is a quote from that article.

“One of Lopez senior’s co workers in the Carter administration was Joel Solomon Senior. Solomon’s daughter is Linda Solomon Wood editor in chief of the crass propaganda rag the National Observer. His son Joel Solomon Jr would move to Canada in the 1990’s to create and head Tides Canada which among other things would fund Lopez junior’s media creation of the phony Wetsuweten “land defenders”.

STOP BACK UP AND ALLOW THAT COMMENT ABOVE TO SINK IN –  Can you imagine this is actually legal in Canada?


Franklin Lopez, American Antifa causing Violence Canada Wide for a decade

The self named Antifa in action against a 70 year old in Hamilton Ontario. He was attending a peaceful Yellow Vest Protest


Franklin Lopez bills himself as a revolutionary, a hero of the working class. He is one of the “marginalized” punching up interested only in the freedom and well being of all and creating a truly just society. Giving voice to the voiceless and power to his downtrodden working class brothers and sisters.

Franklin Lopez is anything but.

In Canada over the last 10 years he was instrumental in creating the myth of the astro-sage Indigenous band in order economically sabotage Canada. He organized and helped deliver the training sessions that created the Montrèal Antifa in 2016 and is implicated in the riots in Hamilton in that year. He runs and provides content for a string of “Antifa” websites calling for murdering police, and anyone else who disagrees. These sites even contain recipe’s for Molotov Cocktails. He created alot of the call-out and provided a platform for the mostly white “blockade” activists.

Franklin Lopez is a poster boy for the warriors of the New World Order. He is a child of massive privilege who has decided to become a highly paid “revolutionary”. Lopez is the son of a highly connected millionaire US Democratic Party operative Franklin Delano Lopez. He was deputy Campaign manager for Jimmy Carter’s unsuccessful presidential run against Ronald Reagan in 1980

“On October 23, 1979, the first primary of a party affiliated to the Democratic National Committee was held in Puerto Rico. Franklin Delano López was elected Chairman of the New Democratic Party of Puerto Rico by the direct votes of 374,000 American citizens residing on the Island. Lopez then moved the Puerto Rican Legislature to adopt a Presidential Primary Law. During the discussion of the Presidential primary Law, Lopez managed to persuade Presidential Chief of Staff, Hamilton Jordan and Timothy Kraft to grant Puerto Rico the right for a more robust delegation, the inclusion of Puerto Rico after Pennsylvania in the roll call of the state in exchange of eliminating from the bill that Puerto Rico was going to be the first Presidential Primary in the Nation. As a result of that effort, the Puerto Rico Legislature approved a law regulating presidential primaries in 1979, the first of which was held in 1980, with George H. W. Bush winning the Republican primary and President Carter beating Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy in a hard-fought Democratic primary. More than 1.2 million American citizens residing in Puerto Rico participated in the primaries.
In the first internal primary of a National political party, the new slate of statehooders, headed by Franklin Delano López took control of the local Democratic party chapter. In January 1980 after clashing with Governor Carlos Romero Barceló, Lopez was forced to resign the chairmanship of the New Democratic Party in exchange of the Governor becoming the President of Carter’s campaign in Puerto Rico and throwing the New Progressive Party behind the president’s re-election efforts. Lopez’ fight with Governor Romero, on behalf of President Carter, paid off and was appointed Deputy Campaign Manager of President Carter national campaign.”..
Franlin Delano Lopez is the Man just to the right of Jimmy Carter, the man to his right in white is Alfredo Duran involved with the CIA Bay of Pigs.

One of Lopez senior’s co workers in the Carter administration was Joel Solomon Senior. Solomon’s daughter is Linda Solomon Wood editor in chief of the crass propaganda rag the National Observer. His son Joel Solomon Jr would move to Canada in the 1990’s to create and head Tides Canada which among other things would fund Lopez junior’s media creation of the phony Wetsuweten “land defenders”. How fun.

William F Buckley arch conservative of the era and Noam Chomsky the shining star of the Left both agreed that the Carter Administration was the creation of ,and populated by the minions of the Council On Foreign Relations entity, created and run by David Rockefeller.

Seems Franklin senior was not always good at bookkeeping

“Franklin Delano Lopez was convicted on seven counts charging him with white collar criminal offenses under federal law. In this appeal, able counsel on both sides have briefed a host of issues, several of which pose difficult and important questions. We conclude by affirming on two counts and vacating on five others. The case is remanded for resentencing on the two affirmed counts and for retrial on the five vacated counts, if sought by the government.”..

Thank goodness he had a decent lawyer

Franklin Lopez the younger made his film making debut in 2011 with the charming family adventure End:Civ, or End Civilization. This very well financed film was made with Derek Jensen head of ultra radical environmental group Deep Green resistance. I wont spoil the whole thing but essentially ,with the aid of some very high end graphics for the time, we learn that we should burn down all industrial civilization and return to the land. Both Jennsen and Lopez seem oblivious or unconcerned with the literal Mega Death this would entail, but what the fuck you dont make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Here is Mr Lopez talking about the film and discussing his view of the world:

He started putting his film talents to work in Canada at least as early as 2012 when he showed up during the Quebec Student strike. He presented himself as a self financed social movement filmmaker. He would remain engaged on and off during the next few years producing charming little vignettes he called “the stimulator”. He used this identity across Youtube and Social Media

He is also behind Montreal Counter Info


It was in 2014 he began his film journey to create a new Indigenous Band in Canada. The first name given to the Tides funded protestors blocking Coastal Gas link was the Unist’ot’en this was subsequently swapped out for the Office of the Wet’suwet’en, Hereditary Chiefs. Neither actually represent the will of that areas people but are rather astro-sage groups meant to strip Indigenous people of their rights in concert with the Trudeau Rights and Reconciliation Framework.

Both these pieces below were done by Lopez for an Al Jazeera affiliate. They served to legitimize this group , I mean its Al Jazeera right, of course these are actual indigenous bands not highly funded Tides Canada fronts that are actually interfering with indigenous rights..

During the recent Blockades he would use his sites Montreal and North Shore counter info to advise the antifa members actually carrying out the “blockade” in how to damage switching equipment and derail trains

Click to read from True North

Over the winter of 2016 he would begin a public relationship with fellow rich kid Jaggi Singh king of the caviar left in Canada. In fact in its 2015-16 budget they reveal that some 250 000 a year in student funds was funneled directly to Lopez’s Sub-media group by Singh then head of QPIRG Concordia.

Annual QPIRG report 2015-2016(1)

It was about that time that the Montreal Counter info site popped up. It openly exorted the soldiers of the Antifa to infiltrate and subsume all other social movements, they accomplished this aim quite quickly.

“As anarchists, we initiated attacks in this space because we’re not struggling for less murderous police, but for the destruction of all forms of policing. When the police kill someone, sexually assault someone, imprison someone, we believe in vengeance, but we don’t want to stop there. By opening up space and time in the streets through attacking the police, people create the conditions to destroy other components of the material infrastructure of colonial society. We believe this is an important step to nurture the relations of care, trust, and reciprocity that are essential to any rupture with the colonial, capitalist, and patriarchal control of life. In the particular setting of this demo, we acted to open the possibility of complicity with Indigenous people who see the inherently colonial institutions of Canadian policing, in their entirety, as enemies. While aware that some Anishinabe participants were calling for a peaceful protest, we hope that others recognized us as possible future accomplices.
After Monday night, we’ve noticed some self-proclaimed settler/white allies reacting harshly to the direct actions that took place against institutions they ostensibly oppose. The way in which they have taken one or two individuals’ call for a peaceful march to represent the interests of a whole community speaks to the failure of allyship politics. The idea of being a good ally by following the instructions of an oppressed group inevitably confronts the problem of contradictions amongst people of the identity category in question”
Montréal counter-info article “A riot for every police murder” 2016


Its going down/ and Lopez were also involved in the violent riot in Hamilton Ontario that year

From an advert for the event run on Its Going Down website, linked to the group of “counter-info” websites he set up in co-ordination with QPIRG.

On Sunday, we’ll be running three simultaneous streams, starting with a look at organizing in small, rural towns, anti-capitalist Mapuche struggle in so-called Chile, and a conversation with IWW Montreal about revolution and anti-fascism. Afterwards, “Fight or Flight: Anarchist [Dis]Engagement with the Left” puts forward another possible path of abandoning the trappings of the left – one that leads towards more deeply involving ourselves in the daily lives of members of the working class as they struggle to survive under an increasingly aggressive white supremacist, hetero-patriarchal capitalist regime.


Finally, we’re excited to host “Stories from the Syrian Revolution,” where a comrade from Damascus will describe various liberatory practices from the first years of the Syrian uprising.

You will never guess who that speaker was, you all remember Ali Soufi don’t you.

Having fun yet?

In early 2017 Lopez would organize hold the training session on the grounds of Concordia University. This workshop marked the appearance of the Antifa in Canada. The event was billed as “Resist Trump”.

Other students objected to what they characterized as a “Terrorist training camp” being held on their school property. When they showed up to protest they were violently attacked by the soldiers of the Antifa.


So what did our exited young campers learn at their Karl marx campout, lots of fun things. They learned how to fill super-soakers with water mixed with paint or urine. They learned how to mask up and move in groups with little team leaders. They learned how to regard people with other political views as “the other” who could be subjected to violence with complete moral impunity.

The following August in Quebec city they put all of it to use. They were very professional about operational security. This is the testimony of someone who wanted to support immigration she had no idea what was in store. They have not given permission to use their identity out of fear of reprisal

I want to thank you and congratulate you on your piece entitled “How Montreal’s Amazing Social Movements Got Black Bloc’ed”. Finally an opinion piece that is not slanted, re. the events that took place on Sunday in Qc City. I was there. I concur. I was there with my three cameras. Among other things,(worked for an International Organization), having lived and worked in a couple of war zones for extended periods of time. Your assessment and frustration with the left-leaning groups you mention is spot on. I travelled to Qc City on one of the three buses supplied for the Mtl counter-protesters. Although there was a mixture of peaceful, concerned citizens onboard, little did I know the majority were extreme left-leaning groups (the ones you mention in article). A tad unsettling when they all pulled their hoods up and masked their faces two minutes before arrival. Were we going to a peaceful protest or a bank heist? Jeezus Christ! I got wind of the bus transport via Cité sans frontières, whom I had never heard of before the demonstration for show of support to the (mostly) Haitian asylum-seekers at Mtl stadium, which I attended because I support the cause. Little did I know that its main organizer condoned violent tactics this past Sunday, and perhaps in general. He’s just lost me as a supporter to his FB page and organization. Sunday in Qc City left me very, very angry and disheartened, as you mention. I posted my photos on my FB wall (to friends only, not public) with a detailed blurb of my impressions of that day. My rendition echoes the gist of your thoughts. I had felt it important to give my take on things, since the printed noise seemed slanted thus far, sugar-coating the extreme left-leaning groups’ behaviour, which bothered me to no end (on both counts). I am sending you a private message, vs a FB comment, for my own security. Pity that we now seem to be in a state of fear to express our opinions online. Not OK. Thank you for your accurate, courageous and important piece. Keep your head down.”

Lets just see how it all turned out

Lopez and Montreal Counter info are now playing the race card and the Antifa squad he created turned itself loose in Montréal creating the most damage so far seen in Canada amidst what have other wise been peaceful marches.


Franklin Lopez is one of a network of agitators most of them foriegn that have been attacking Canadian sovereignty and Identity for their Billionaire masters in service of some dystopian Marxist fever dream.

What you dear reader can do to disrupt this is

-Phone the Nearest RCMP and tell them you need to speak to your provinces Integrated National Security Enforcement Team in your province to report violent online extremism, insist you be able to complain directly to that detachment.

-Email or phone your Internet provider and Complain and demand that they block this site from this website.

-Check you local University and its social media for Public Interest research Groups or any promotion of Antifa. If you find any complain loudly and repeatedly to the dean of students.

William Ray


The “Indigenous Blockade” and almost all #Antifa groups you are seeing are being coordinated by a web of “student organizations embedded in our public Universities called #PIRG’s The key players in Canada are
#HarshaWalia Vacouver
#JaggiSingh Montreal
#KevinMetcalf Toronto
#MasumaKhan Halifax




#buildthatpipe #Wetsuweten #TidesCanada #WetsuwetenStrong #RCMPstanddown #AllEyesOnWetsuweten #NoTrespass #WedzinKwa #DefendTheYintah #RCMPAreMercenaries #WouldYouShootMeToo #LandDefenders #WaterProtectors #RiseUp #LightYourSacredFires

  We Need a Law – That governs Vote Manipulation.

Ethical rules of conduct by all organizations, media outlets and websites that are funded, and or, to influence the voters and financed by any sources outside of its board of directors on both elected and non-elected organizations. Any organization that uses public education, advocacy, protest, negotiation and non-violent direct action tactics or pays others, to achieve its goals using any money other than personal funds should be required to have an official audit, all funding received or distributed must be accounted for and that information must be public.

Contrary to leftists claims that environmentalist support is a gauge of public support, this is a outright lie, almost all support is obtained by way of funding misleading and false advertisements and organized staged protests by paid protestors

Hiding funds coming in and or being disbursed must be considered fraud.

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