Jim Pojar

The Eco Activist profile of Jim Pojar

Jim Pojar is a founding member Bulkley Valley Research Centre who is married to Rosamund Pojar who is also a founding member of the Bulkley Valley Naturalists (BVN) club. As well as a board member of Seed the North Inc.

Note, we are not saying the work done by either group is bad, but we do want to make note of tainted radical leftist connections

According to Jim Pojar, one of the founding directors of the BVRC, this had a dispiriting effect on the vibrant community of public- and private-sector researchers and resource professionals (foresters, biologists, ecologists, earth scientists, educators) that had developed in the Bulkley Valley since the 1970s. ” That comment was in response to the then Liberal goverment of BC who according to Jim Pojar “was implementing its vision for the province, which included fiscal austerity, privatisation, deregulation of resource industries, a reduced civil service, and the closing of government offices in some areas.”

In a nutshell Jim is in favor of bloated goverment that always comes at the expense of taxpayers, all these professionals do not come cheap out of your tax dollars, and please never forget, they know who is keeping them in luxury employment. These careers (nothing said against them) insure some pretty lucrative living, much higher than the average tax payers who foot the bill. There is science, then there is bloated science, we do not need 100 educated professionals to do what half a dozen of them can already do.

“So a group of concerned citizens—which initially included Jim Pojar, Irving Fox, Brian Edmison, and Liz Osborn—came up with a plan to try and keep good people in the Northwest and attract more of them. The Bulkley Valley Research Centre was established in order to address the challenges of natural resource sustainability and community well-being by drawing on the region’s favourable geography and collaborative social capital. The founding directors of the BVRC included: Brian Edmison, Irving Fox, Rosemary Fox, Tom Buri, Sybille Haeussler, Kevin Kriese, Anne Harfenist, Paul Sanborn, Carl vanderMark, Frank Doyle, and Jim Pojar.”

Many of the names above are also self serving professionals and activist environmentalist or NDP vocal supporters. Like Rosemary Fox – Active NDP supporter and a  Conservation Chair of the Federation of BC Naturalists, her husband Irving a career environmentalist and activist, a few lawyers (pencil pushers) and an accountant.

Blueprint to shut down the forest industry, written by a man who earned all his income from the industry.

More recently Jim Pojar was involved in another project called Forestry and Carbon in B.C. A “kill the forest industry bill” the report was prepared for Skeenawild Conservation Trust, Terrace, BC.

This group of anti-establishment environmentalists needed to prove points to justify the massacre of industry, logging and sawmills included. Written by an extraordinary man who calls himself Dr. Jim Pojar and the study was called Forestry and Carbon in B.C. with credits going to people like Richard Overstall, Shannon McPhail, and . (Yes that is the MP Taylor Bachrach) all with strong socialist backgrounds.

It should be noted as well that Jim Pojar is a founding member of Skeenawild Conservation Trust, and that was the group that requested the self serving study. Likewise it should be noted that the group claims it does not receive money from outside of Canada, but tax receipts show they received over 10 Thousand dollars, this is from CRA page…their 2019 report… plus this one. Even Greg Knox admits they receive 70%+ plus from foreign source

The Wild Salmon Center Headquarters: Portland, Oregon, United States

In a conversation with one of his professional peers, I was told how Jim Pojar spent most of his professional career as a powerful lobbyist for subscribed burning, then in retirement joins with Eco-radicals in hot opposition to burning under the disguise of the now new Eco-radical word “Carbon Sequestration” the latest mantra in shutting down the forest industry.

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  We Need a Law – That governs Vote Manipulation.

Ethical rules of conduct by all organizations, media outlets and websites that are funded, and or, to influence the voters and financed by any sources outside of its board of directors on both elected and non-elected organizations. Any organization that uses public education, advocacy, protest, negotiation and non-violent direct action tactics or pays others, to achieve its goals using any money other than personal funds should be required to have an official audit, all funding received or distributed must be accounted for and that information must be public.

Contrary to leftists claims that environmentalist support is a gauge of public support, this is a outright lie, almost all support is obtained by way of funding misleading and false advertisements and organized staged protests by paid protestors

Hiding funds coming in and or being disbursed must be considered fraud.

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