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Addendum:  Updated Mar 30th 2023

Brandi Morin is a Metis aboriginal from Treaty 6 Alberta who calls herself a Freelance Journalist.

Brandi Morin – Non-Accredited Media, what does that mean? To the best of our knowledge and I would be happy to change this if anyone can correct me, Brandi has no formal educational background in the field of journalism. “Media accreditation is strictly reserved for members of the press who represent a bona fide media organization. Applicants must show they are a professional member of the press with a proven track record of reporting for bona fide media. Media accreditation is not accorded to the information outlets or advocacy publications of non-governmental organizations.” It would be fair to say Brandi Morin does not meet that threshold as she simply was never employed by any legitimate media.

Brandi was part of “The Indigenous Reporters program” was launched by Journalists for Human Rights, an organization dedicated to “empowering journalists to cover human rights stories objectively and effectively”, and is just one of many opportunities available to Indigenous people in Canada. JHR does as an organization, including providing opportunities for Indigenous journalists to apply for bursaries and grants.

Brandi has published her stories and or was broadcasted with Al Jazeera English, the National Observer, the Toronto Star, Power & Politics, CTV National, CBC Newsnet, the New York Times, Huff Post Canada, Elle Canada, Vice Canada, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network National News, CBC Indigenous.


Brandi selling herself as a journalist


Brandi won a Human Rights Reporting award from the Canadian Association of Journalists in April of 2019 for her work with the CBC’s Beyond 94 project tracking the progress of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. The award is co-sponsored by Journalists for Human Rights. Having said that we also need to share the truth about both the Canadian Association of Journalists and Journalists for Human Rights.

Now here is a bitter irony, Brandi who loves to tout that she is an official journalist for Al Jazeera.
Why would Al Jazeera allow her to be a reporter for them? Al Jazeera is a state-owned Arabic-language international news network of Qatar, Qatar’s history of violating basic human rights extends far beyond labor exploitation. Freedom of expression, press freedoms, and freedom of association are all severely restricted in Qatar,  So the only reason they use her, and I mean use her is to make themselves look better at the expense of democratic nations.

If Brandi Morin lived in Qatar, and she wrote what she did about their nation as she does about Canada, she would not be alive today, unless they had a slavery role for her somewhere in their country.

To be a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists, you DO NOT need to have a background education in journalism.
Class A members of the corporation shall be individuals who, as determined by the board of directors of the corporation, are Canadian, or work in Canada, or work for Canadian-owned media, and: whose salary comes primarily from, or time goes principally into, journalism or;

The Journalists for Human Rights does not require membership or accreditation, but is a Liberal Government Funded Program, funded by Canadian taxpayers.

In the video below Brandi Morin goes so far as to accuse the RCMP of participation in the murders of indigenous women

In the video below shot on February 8th 2021,  Brandi Morin goes so far as to accuse the RCMP of participation in the murders of indigenous women, she does it again in a very sleazy manner by making the attribution to comments made by families of the missing and or murdered indigenous women.

It is important to note that her comments and findings always omit the other side of the story about missing and or murdered indigenous women. Like so many of the “agenda” aboriginals who milk the blood of the victims who died as a result of nothing to do with pipelines or oil, they all hide that most of the deaths that were resolved show that the perpetrators were mostly aboriginal as well.

There are many public lists of murdered and missing indigenous women in Canada. The Star compiled those lists into a single database then set out to verify as much information as possible. Relying on newspaper clippings and court documents, the Star’s database includes 1,129 names, dates and, when a case was solved, some information on the offenders.

A Toronto Star analysis suggests 44 per cent of the women were victims of acquaintances, strangers and serial killers. This finding is based on a Star review of publicly available information on more than 750 murder cases. Of that number, 224 murders remain unsolved.

There are many public lists of murdered and missing indigenous women in Canada. The Star compiled those lists into a single database then set out to verify as much information as possible. Relying on newspaper clippings and court documents, the Star’s database includes 1,129 names, dates and, when a case was solved, some information on the offenders.

Our review found 420 cases where details of the relationship between victim and offender were known. Some of them date to the 1960s. Of those:

  • Half of the victims were domestically related to the perpetrator. This includes all types of family and partner connections.
  • 16 per cent of the offenders were acquaintances; 15 per cent were strangers; and 13 per cent serial killers.


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You have never seen Mandi Morin show statistics like this “The homicide rate for Indigenous men has been increasing consistently since 2014. … In 2017, the rate of Indigenous men accused of homicide (18.05 per 100,000 Indigenous men) was 11 times higher than the rate of non-Indigenous men (1.69 per 100,000 non-Indigenous men).Sep. 11, 2019

While Mandi Morin works towards creating race hate to stop the pipelines, we have people like the real Chief Smogelgem fighting to end the violence within the aboriginal communities. That is true leadership, when you recognize the problem at home, and work towards solving that before accusing others of something that is mostly an “at home” issue. Chief Smogelgen aka Gloria George authored the series “Breaking the Cycle – Ending the Violence against Women and aboriginal communities” This highly respected elder tells it as it is, unlike Mandi Morin who plays the issue to play politics.

I seriously doubt any accredited news person worth their salt would dare to make libelous comments like that. (We kept a copy of that video on file in case of a defamation lawsuit) Based on the articles and interviews, podcasts Brandi has given it is extremely hard to believe she is following the advice taught in “Indigenous Reporters program” It does however fit the typical agenda of someone who is not afraid to bend, twist or outright lie about the truth in order to have the end justify the means.

In the video below, be aware the this was done in a cold snap so sever its easy to die out there 40 to 50 miles from civilization where temperatures are dropping to -40 overnight. This during a time when restrictions suggest please do not travel, Brandi travels in from Northern Alberta during what may well be the worst or deadliest time in regards to COVID. The repeated use of the word we, is in reference to the other person with Mandi, her name was Amber Bracken, also a well known name in aboriginal protests.

Note how Brandi lies to police about being an Al Jazeera’s official reporter, in the next video on Twitter. Anyone else notice the difference in how she talks to the RCMP vs when she talks about them? Does the next video justify how she claims to be really upset? Also pay attention where she says Amber Braken is “my” photo journalist.

Mandi is a clever writer for example she uses a racist title like “Nature gets a reprieve when White lives are impacted” shows her hatred towards white humans living in Canada, while she completely avoids talking about white Canadians in her story.

In another story “Five bold steps toward reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in 2021” the hate really shines through.

I challenge you to start with the following five bold actions toward reconciliation:
1. Educate. But this won’t come from colonial institutions and mainstream education centres. This comes right from the sources of Indigenous authors and filmmakers, who cut to the chase of reconciliation. Once again showing her distrust and bitterness towards non aboriginals even if she herself is Metis, the Métis people originated in the 1700s when French and Scottish fur traders married Aboriginal women) so her ancestors were not just aboriginal but also white people.

2. Tell your kids! Most people my age weren’t taught the ugly truths of this country, such as treaty covenants broken by Canada, the enslavement of Indigenous peoples, the stealing, rape and abuse of their children and the ongoing colonial assault against Indigenous survival.

3. Share wealth/resources. Also known as resource revenue sharing, this is the way it was meant to be. (demanding a cut of the pie)

4. Get out and march. We saw how people from all walks of life came out in droves to support Black Lives Matter after George Floyd was murdered by police in Minnesota last summer. The unrelenting actions of protestors sent ripples of transformational dialogue all over the world.  Stir up the race hate as a ways and means to get some of the pie.

5. Landback. Does that sound radical to you? Well, it’s not really; others have already done it. Joel Holmberg of Alberta gave a parcel of his Alberta acreage to First Nations in 2018. In 2017, 86-year-old retired B.C. rancher Kenneth Linde gave 130 hectares back to the Esk’etemc First Nation.  The suggestion that everyone needs to give their land to First Nations.

Another story “The Back Streeters and the White Boys: Racism in rural Canada” let me quote from that story “homelessness among Indigenous people today is a consequence not only of contemporary racism, discrimination and oppression, but has its roots in other factors, too. These include historical trauma, from colonialism to the Indian Act, residential schools – government-sponsored religious schools established to force Indigenous children to assimilate – and the Sixties Scoop, a practice that lasted from the late 1950s to the 1980s and involved “scooping up” Indigenous children and placing them in foster care or adoption.” As always she is careful to attribute comments like this to someone else in order to justify writing the comment.

Another story “First Nations receive death threats over Canada pipeline battle” where she writes ” ‘Kill a native protester’ The racism comes against a backdrop of growing tensions over the Coastal GasLink pipeline.” and “Among some of the comments made online towards Indigenous people over the past week and documented by Al Jazeera were: “Why not just round them all up and into the gas chamber?” and “I’m sure my truck could kill a native protester at 40km or less lmao.But absent from the story is where they did not report to the police, when everyone knows comments like that are criminal offenses.  Mandi also reports this one “Back in Alberta, two videos were reported to police in Ponoka on February 28. The videos, which had been posted on Snapchat and Facebook, appear to show teenagers using racist and sexist slurs, including one who says: “I’ll scalp you this time, how ’bout that?”

Another line from that story caught my attention “The police say they only investigate threats if the people on the receiving end make a complaint. But Freda Huson, a spokesperson for the Unist’ot’en, a house of the Wet’suwet’en, told Ricochet Media, “We didn’t know what to make of it or what to do with it. We don’t trust the police to actually do anything with it.” Why I found this one interesting is that if you use social media as your basis for criminal activity, then it should also be a two way street, when aboriginals post threats, should be a sign both sides have idiots

I cannot find a single article she wrote, where her anger is not directed or targets “white Canadians” or targets Canada as a nation, now do not get me wrong, I do believe that if there is truth let it be told, but likewise as the say the truth is only as good as the messenger, so watch the video and decide for yourself.

Addendum One;

Sometimes what a person does not say about themselves leaves larger question marks, Brandi likes to site her own history, saying she was in and out of foster homes, then says she once ran home to her grandmothers house but told her nothing about being raped. It tells me that she did know who her family was, and she leaves out why ended up in foster homes in the first place. The second question is why did family not look after her? I am sure there is the possibility of legitimate answers, but somehow missing all that information while trying to claim you are a victim of foster homes, and not once does she mention if these foster homes were indigenous or not.

Yet Brandi was able to according to her own statements tell a group home worker about the rape, but could not tell her grandmother. Brandi says “At age 12 I ran away from a group home with two other girls. It was freedom, or so I thought. I don’t even remember exactly how many days I was missing for. Each day blurred into the next.At one point two men in their late 20s held me hostage at a downtown apartment in Edmonton, Alberta, where they raped me several times.

Why is it that Brandi hides why she was not raised by her indigenous parents.

I would never under normal circumstances question victims of abuse, in this instance an exception to the rules as it was Brandi who is tying in her own life as evidence to support her battle against CGL, using the Missing or Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) as justification for her actions. How is it that there is no police record or any confirmation of these stories until after becoming an activist against industry?

Brandi specifically lays the blame on white men “White male colonizers raped Native women at epidemic rates and justified their actions because Indigenous peoples were labelled savages and less than human.”

Its shameful how someone like her is blatantly allowed to “discriminate” while playing the role of victim. Racism is racism, regardless of what color your skin is, and Brandi can clearly be defined by her own statements as a racist.

In the same article the Brandi Morin wrote in the UK Guardian she states “Last month, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) refused to issue an amber alert for 14-year-old Molly Martin, a First Nations girl who disappeared in the company of a 47-year-old man. Her former foster father Darcy Doyle, a white, non-Indigenous man with an extensive criminal record, brought her to a wooded area near Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Now read the Canadian version of the same story, Mandi abused her ability to tell the truth by intentionally misleading the people of Britain, the primary readers of the UK Guardian, and once again making race hate the primary objective.

UPDATED: Missing We’koqma’q teen found safe in Cape Breton “SYDNEY, N.S. – After an intensive eight-day ground and aerial search over heavily wooded terrain in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, a missing Indigenous teen was finally found by police early Saturday morning safe and unharmed.”

At about 11:30 a.m. Friday night, RCMP Air Services reported a fire in an isolated location of the Canoe Lake area near Marion Bridge. RCMP officers on the ground made their way to this area and found the teen and Darcy Doyle, the 47-year-old man she was travelling with, at about 1 a.m. Both were taken into police custody without incident.

Veronica Martin said her family is exhausted from days of searching and overwhelmed from the whole situation. But she’s glad the teen is safe now and said the family wanted to thank everyone for helping in the search. “We’re so happy with all the help we had,” said Martin. Chief Rod Googoo of We’koqma’q First Nation reiterated those sentiments and wanted to thank the police, the public and all of the searchers that helped to locate the teen.

Now you can see the difference between an activists story, and that of a real reporter.


Addendum: Mar 30th 2023

Funny how a gut who was probably not even there when it happened gets handcuffs while everyone else got zip ties. (Click to Enlarge)
Oops Brandi missed the obvious fake name she posted.

One of the common character traits of a fake journalist is to bullshit readers in order to create a story. As the image above shows she talks about police beatings and handcuff, why did all the others arrested complained that the “zip ties” used by police were put on to tight.

Oops caught again.

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