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Amanda Follett Hosgood – Radical Eco Journalists

Amanda Follett Hosgood – Radical Eco Journalists

Amanda Follett Hosgood

Amanda was raised in suburban Toronto and completed her journalism degree at Carleton University in Ottawa  In 2006, she visited Smithers and never left, using her degree to write against everything that built our community, in particular our industries. Her chief complaint always seems to read like this “did not respond to The Tyee’s questions by deadline” sort of an obvious indication even the NDP do not take her seriously, however as a mouth piece for the people living in the Skeena watershed its quite embarrassing to have her writing lies about us this way. read more

Kai Nagata – Radical Eco Journalist

Kai Nagata – Radical  Eco Journalist

Regarding the photo Kai Nagata “Back to the topic of urbanite hunters, Kai Nagata, a 27-year-old communications consultant, has taken up bowhunting in his quest for ethical hunting. “Those of us who grew up in the city are disconnected from the food we eat,” said Nagata. “It starts out as a philosophy, but it gets hands-on very quickly.

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If every citizen acquired 100% of their meat supply from ethical hunting, how long would it take before First Nations would not have meat on their table? These so called environmentalists always want a rule for others that they are exempted from. Also what he does not say is that he acquired a Firearms Possession License to use guns, not just bows, and he freely admits he uses them for hunting as well, only the articles are on different websites. It also seems his opinion that bow hunting is more ethical come from that fact he uses a bow and not much more based on his own admissions. read more

Amber Bracken – Radical Eco Journalist

Amber Bracken – Radical  Eco Journalist

Amber Bracken is actually a photojournalist known for her exploitation of issues affecting Indigenous peoples in North America.  Amber Bracken Bracken’s career started at the Edmonton Sun before she left to work freelance.

We say exploitation because she never covers both sides of indigenous issues, but only the radical side.

Amber Bracken on one hand she wants the world to see her as a journalist, and on the other she wants to be the hero environmentalist, this has resulted in her doing stories that support her cause as opposed to that of the career where you report on the story. read more

Brandi Morin – Radical Eco Journalists

Addendum:  Updated Mar 30th 2023

Brandi Morin is a Metis aboriginal from Treaty 6 Alberta who calls herself a Freelance Journalist.

Brandi Morin – Non-Accredited Media, what does that mean? To the best of our knowledge and I would be happy to change this if anyone can correct me, Brandi has no formal educational background in the field of journalism. “Media accreditation is strictly reserved for members of the press who represent a bona fide media organization. Applicants must show they are a professional member of the press with a proven track record of reporting for bona fide media. Media accreditation is not accorded to the information outlets or advocacy publications of non-governmental organizations.” It would be fair to say Brandi Morin does not meet that threshold as she simply was never employed by any legitimate media. read more