Amanda Follett Hosgood – Radical Eco Journalists

Amanda Follett Hosgood – Radical Eco Journalists



Amanda was raised in suburban Toronto and completed her journalism degree at Carleton University in Ottawa  In 2006, she visited Smithers and never left, using her degree to write against everything …

Kai Nagata – Radical Eco Journalist

Kai Nagata – Radical  Eco Journalist

Regarding the photo Kai Nagata “Back to the topic of urbanite hunters, Kai Nagata, a 27-year-old communications consultant, has taken up bowhunting in his quest for ethical hunting. “Those of us who grew

Amber Bracken – Radical Eco Journalist

Amber Bracken – Radical  Eco Journalist

Amber Bracken is actually a photojournalist known for her exploitation of issues affecting Indigenous peoples in North America.  Amber Bracken Bracken’s career started at the Edmonton Sun before she left to work freelance.

We …