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Abolish CIRG

A last ditch attempt in complete desperation the radical environmentalists fire up yet another website and yet one more so called coalition. Also see Brent Patterson and Peace Brigades International


It shows how rushed this project was when they posted the so called ‘Media Release” and no where on the website do they mention who the members of this coalition are, or if they ever met as a group. It sounds to us like they built this site first then started looking for groups to add their name to it. read more

Vexatious Litigation – By the Narwhal and Amber Bracken

Like many people I am left scratching my head wondering if the lawyers used by the Narwhal and Amber Bracken got their degrees out of the proverbial popcorn box, or if the entire concept of suing the RCMP is simply a publicity stunt.

That story can be found here Why The Narwhal and Amber Bracken are suing the RCMP

Now as we all know most court cases are based on evidence provided, and not hypothetical circumstances. So it begs the question of how can they ignore the evidence? read more

Amanda Follett Hosgood – Radical Eco Journalists

Amanda Follett Hosgood – Radical Eco Journalists

Amanda Follett Hosgood

Amanda was raised in suburban Toronto and completed her journalism degree at Carleton University in Ottawa  In 2006, she visited Smithers and never left, using her degree to write against everything that built our community, in particular our industries. Her chief complaint always seems to read like this “did not respond to The Tyee’s questions by deadline” sort of an obvious indication even the NDP do not take her seriously, however as a mouth piece for the people living in the Skeena watershed its quite embarrassing to have her writing lies about us this way. read more

The Tyee

In a twist of irony I just happened to read a story on the Tyee, prior to my intended review of this left wing rag. The story was about the police, one of their favourite topics. I won’t name the article in question but it was very recent. In it the police officers (Vancouver Police Department) were driving through a street with tents on sidewalks (they missed writing that) and focused on how its so unexplained why a police officer could hit a pedestrian (standing like a frozen statue in the street. This missed that part too. read more


In  nutshell sun.Media is the media arm of Franklin Lopez so this page is also the same.

What has Franklin Lopez got to hide that it so critical that nobody should know his face?

What we learned was so staggering it felt like we had crossed over into a land of living fiction, however more staggering is it not fiction, its all for real, check it out, so some research, the following is a mind blowing experience that this is actually legal in Canada! This man belongs in jail, he is far to dangerous to be out on the streets. read more