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The Tyee

In a twist of irony I just happened to read a story on the Tyee, prior to my intended review of this left wing rag. The story was about the police, one of their favourite topics. I won’t name the article in question but it was very recent. In it the police officers (Vancouver Police Department) were driving through a street with tents on sidewalks (they missed writing that) and focused on how its so unexplained why a police officer could hit a pedestrian (standing like a frozen statue in the street. This missed that part too. read more


In  nutshell sun.Media is the media arm of Franklin Lopez so this page is also the same.

What has Franklin Lopez got to hide that it so critical that nobody should know his face?

What we learned was so staggering it felt like we had crossed over into a land of living fiction, however more staggering is it not fiction, its all for real, check it out, so some research, the following is a mind blowing experience that this is actually legal in Canada! This man belongs in jail, he is far to dangerous to be out on the streets. read more

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

CBC used to be a Canadian treasure, but we have had too many generations of politicians who used CBC as their own political tool. Its not hard to understand why there is such a growing number of people calling for the defunding of CBC as it no longer exists for the best interests of Canada.

When you see people who opening call for the dismantling of Canada, and the same for British Columbia, and almost on a daily basis damn law and order in this nation, suddenly flaunting CBC articles, then the hair on the back of your neck should be on end, its a major red flag the CBC has joined the enemies in a fight against Canadians. read more

The Narwhal

The Narwhal was formerly known as DeSmog Canada, where the lines between fact and fiction were often so blurred it was difficult to separate them.

This website,  I refrain from calling it a news website because it is not, is a disinformation website.

Carol Linnitt was one of the founders and is a prolific writer, but to challange what she says is a lot easier when the topic is our own back yard. Its easier to pick out the outright lies hidden between partial truths. In an article titled “B.C. failed to consider links between ‘man camps,’ violence against Indigenous women, Wet’suwet’en argue. The term “Wet’suwet’en argue” in the title is a lie. If for example you said a few white men were drunk, would it be fair to say all white man in Canada are drunk? Considering this woman pounds out hundreds of articles per year all using the mix and match facts and fiction, we will only deal with this one as this is ground zero for most of us. read more

Canada’s National Observer

To fully understand the existence of the National Observer, you need to know how it came into existence, and how it ties into both the American Tides Foundation and the renamed Canadian Tides Foundation now called MakeWay. This might make your head spin, but all of this can be verified. Its staggering to believe but the National Observer, Makeway, subMedia, and the American Tides Foundation are all related, joined at the hip. Do not be thrown off by the issue that it does not look like it has anything to do with the National Observer, it seriously has the roots of a demonic snake. read more