Goverment complicit in “Terrorism” – Pipeline Wars

Many thanks to Lauren Southern and TENET Media for coming here to set the record straight. Finally a documentary that is not part of the cover-up, a documentary locals can say, yes this is what really happened in the Bulkley Valley.

Our own story continues after the video….

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For many years now we have had to live with what appeared to be goverment sponsored terrorism, the BCNDP is the governing body in British Columbia,and they played very probable roles in approving the terrorist attacks on a project. Read on as it very much appears as if they approved of and protected those who committed these crimes.

There was always the expectation by the general public that there was a very active pretense that justice would be done, but in the end nothing would ever be done, and we all turned out to be right. They spend millions of tax dollars making sure nobody would every pay for these heinous acts committed in our community.

But here is the kicker, we all know who was behind these attacks, so do the police, and we all know the NDP and the local environmental groups are complicit, other than we cannot prove it.

Same name same game.

There were so many tell tale signs, Doug Donaldson delivers donuts to the blockaders. While Justin Trudeau invokes the emergency act and sends in riot police to remove peaceful protesters simply because they opposed his policies.

* Doug Donaldson he served in the Executive Council as the Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development. So this illegal blockade was actually within his jurisdiction as minister, so he rewards the guilty offenders. Every structure they built out there is still standing in complete violation of the BC Forests Act.

To this very day every structure the protesters built is still out there, the NDP refuse to uphold the law, they zip their lips, look the other way, and if asked pretend nobody ever asked the question. How much more complicit does it need to be?


Recall Molly who blocked access to work sites or roads used for the construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline. The same group blocking the railroad in Hazelton, calling for the shutdown of Canada, attacks on rail lines in Ontario, blocking roads in Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Ottawa and shutting down critical infrastructure in various locations in and around Canada.

Left unsaid is almost every so called aboriginal involved in Molly’s blockades and terrorism, were Gitxsan posing as Wet’suwet’en, we have obtained conclusive evidence that proves this. Every meaning Molly Wickham and her sister included.

All of the aboriginals names used in the protest like –  Sleydo’, Dsta’hyl, Howilhkat, Kiliset, Namoks, Kloum Khun, Knedebeas, Madeek, Hagwilnegh, Gisday’w, and so many more were created as acting roles specifically to fight pipelines. Nobody on any reserve knew these names prior to fighting land claims and pipelines, the two go hand in hand, and its always been about the money.

Using their birth names would never sell to a very easily duped press, who no longer can afford to do their own research, so they can easily be used and manipulated, as so clearly they were. Any historian with their salt know this is the truth. outside of the feast hall, or aboriginal events, those names were never used in public, using them in public as they do today is just pure Hollywood theatrics.

The use of their regalia, outside of their feasts, is considered dirtying your blankets, it shows they cared more about the theatrics than about their cultural laws.

Lets not forget who was the secretary of Doug Donaldson, it was the wife of Taylor Bachrach, (both lifetime members of the Sierra Club) shortly before they played musical chairs, Cullen taking Doug’s position as MLA and Taylor taking Cullens spot and Gladys Atrill taking Taylor’s spot as mayor of Smithers, and what do they all have in common?

    • Cullen was gifted with replacing Doug, at the expenses of breaking the NDP’s on rules as the position should have gone to Anita McPhee and aboriginal member.

At no time did any one of those three ever publicly condemn terrorism in our region, in fact their responses appeared more as if they did not “publicly: approve of, but found the acts of terrorism excusable. Their responses were at very least an indication they supported those who committed these acts.

Going back to the “Arson suspected after 4 RCMP cruisers, ambulance set on fire near Smithers hotel

“Thankfully no one was hurt in the fire, which is the most important thing,” said Cpl. Madonna Saunderson. “This appears to be a targeted attack on emergency services vehicles. Preliminary investigation indicates this is an arson and we are asking for the public’s assistance in providing information so that the person, or persons involved may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

And then this apologetic reply, but no condemnation, after all they simply went over the line to do what Skeena Wild could not get caught doing, we know what roles they played in trying to paralyze a legal operation, we also know that Gladys Atrill is connected to this group as are the local elected NDP members.

“Gladys Atrill, Smithers’ mayor, said on social media the incident was “very troubling.” “I am grateful there were no injuries,” Atrill said.”

No public statement at all, she simply commented on her Facebook page, here we have an act of terrorism right in our community and we can get more comments about defending criminals in the tent city than we can get comments on terrorism right in our downtown core. Does the word complicit not ring loudly in your ears?

Let me repeat, everyone in town knows who was behind this, so do police, and all they will ever do is use the new “Gladue” rule to make sure the person behind it will not serve any time in jail. Yep we all know who we are talking about.

Skeena Wild that is funded by the Tides Foundation and the Sierra Club another American organization funded by American Oil and sent down the Tides Foundation Pipeline to organizations like the Bulkley Valley Research Centre and Save the Bulkley, you can find links to these same people in the Smithers Library, the Bulkley Valley Museum,  the Old Church on King Street, is a really highly organized left wing anti industry group, however they are simply put a very highly organized and funded minority group. Even the local LGBTQ is actively involved with the activists protesting / blockaders group.

They represent lass than 10% of the community and control all of it.

Somehow lost in all this is the ongoing campaign by Molly Wickham and John Ridsdale who, let me quote. Funny how what is good for the goose sends the gander to jail. (The truckers convoy quote) “The Crown is trying to establish the two had “control and influence” over the crowds and encouraged others to join the protests while also fundraising.”

Also see Million Dollar Molly  where Molly turns anarchism into gold, and she is here raising more gold for her coffers. Has she passed the 2 million dollar mark yet?

Molly, Ridsdale and others in Montreal for RBC protest

Oh but there is so much more, recall Nathan Cullen “Nathan Cullen’s letter of concern regarding RCMP Violence

Seriously Nathan? Millions of dollars in damages, life threatening violence to CGL employees, and the best you can do is insult our tax payer funded RCMP? Is that complicit or what?

To further show Nathan is showing favouritism towards the blockaders he steps forward with these comments. It essence putting the blame on the RCMP. But he would never say the same about the Trucker Convoy.

“Following the November 2021 RCMP raid on Wet’suwet’en territory, Cullen posted a series of tweets about the situation.

Cullen commented: “The recent enforcement action on the Morice Service Road in Wet’suwet’en territory was an incredibly unfortunate and traumatic event for many. This enforcement took place following an injunction sought by the company and granted by the court.”

He added: “This long running dispute has divided families & communities and made the work of reconciling provincial & Wet’suwet’en laws and title incredibly challenging.”

Then recall putting the fox in charge of the hen house “Former MP Nathan Cullen appointed B.C. liaison in pipeline dispute

Without accomplishing anything,  Zero, Nada, Absolutely Nothing, let me quote “By July 21, 2020, it was reported Cullen had been paid $87,805 in fees and $2,593 in expenses for his work liaising between the provincial government and the Wet’suwet’en.

The money did not belong to the NDP it belongs to taxpayers.

Then again the underhanded attempt to give chiefs veto power over all crown land. However after the public became aware the NDP did a quick exit on that plan.

Now my mind drifts back on this piece from the the Vancouver Sun and I ask, really now, this is not political interference?

“The B.C. Prosecution Service, which typically has the final say on who gets charged with criminal offences in the province, declined an invitation of the court to press charges. Crown prosecutors said they could not prove nine of the protesters were aware of the injunction when they were arrested. Three others, however, were captured on video having the injunction read to them.”


Again from the Vancouver Sun

In a B.C. Supreme Court ruling earlier this month, Justice Ward Branch said the B.C. Prosecution Service is “not the sole arbiter of the public interest.”

“While the BCPS has expertise in assessing and pursuing criminal offences, the court undoubtedly has its own expertise in protecting the administration of justice and ensuring respect for the courts …” Branch ruled.

OK let me put this in perspective, we have the B.C. Prosecution Service now working to protect the terrorists and illegal blockaders? How can this not be more blatent proof of NDP interference in criminal matters?

“Is this not evidence that the NDP Goverment is in fact complicit with the crimes committed while making taxpayers fund this game of boondoggling justice?”


Was it not B.C. Premier David Eby who used to run the Civil Liberties Association before he became the attorney general of British Columbia?

The Civil Liberties Association primary objective is to serve racial protesters?

The combined total now is well over 70 arrests of persons intentionally breaking the law and causing harm to legitimate business. Somehow for police being first hand witnesses is no longer considered proof, when the hell did this happen to become law?

Imagine that, based on this case a policeman witnessing you commit a crime is no longer considered evidence, now they need camera footage of you committing the crime, what an (NDP) joke on society. This is NDP designer laws to suit their radical ideologies, but these same laws do now work if your are a trucker, or religious minister, the NDP are playing God with our laws. Let me repeat 70 arrests by trained police officers and 3 people we actually charged. How is this not complicit in terrorism?


“The NDP had that knocked down to 3 people Wow”

Next on the list of why we suspect the NDP to be complicit is their new rules for policing and sentencing aboriginals. We now have two classes of citizens in British Columbia and I swear they will tell you this is not racism.

“In 1999, the Supreme Court ruled in R v. Gladue that courts must consider an Aboriginal offender’s background when he or she is being sentenced for a crime.”

Then this (here is the reference) 2024 InfoTel News Ltd.

In the Prosecution Service’s 2020/21 annual report, it shows there were 70,388 files submitted in 2018/19. That rose to 72,440 in 2020/21 then dropped in 2020/21 to 62,187 at the height of COVID.

Of those 62,187 files from last year, 47,125 were approved to go to court. If the approval rate had stayed at 87%, about 7,000 more charges would have been laid.

“The continuing consequences of colonialism for Indigenous persons in Canada provide the necessary context for any charge assessment involving an Indigenous person as a victim or potential accused,” the Crown Counsel Policy Manual states. “These consequences ‘must be remedied by accounting for the unique systemic and background factors affecting Indigenous peoples, as well as their fundamentally different cultural values and world views.’”

At an early stage in the charge assessment process, Crown Counsel are instructed to try to find out if it involves an Indigenous person and, if so, flag that on the file.

“Where Crown Counsel determines after charge approval that an accused identifies as an Indigenous person, they should consider this information and decide whether the public interest continues to require a prosecution,” it states

HERE is one for the Ripley’s Believe it or NOT

OK so if I identify as a goat, just kidding, seriously now it seems the NDP rule is that if a Caucasian woman who lived all her life in Austria, if she identifies as an Indigenous person, they should consider this information and decide whether the public interest continues to require a prosecution.

That is NDP Law – we all know its really NDP complicit.

So to wrap it all up, it looks like the BC-NDP is complicit in the terrorism that took place in the Bulkley valley.

  We Need a Law – That governs Vote Manipulation.

Ethical rules of conduct by all organizations, media outlets and websites that are funded, and or, to influence the voters and financed by any sources outside of its board of directors on both elected and non-elected organizations. Any organization that uses public education, advocacy, protest, negotiation and non-violent direct action tactics or pays others, to achieve its goals using any money other than personal funds should be required to have an official audit, all funding received or distributed must be accounted for and that information must be public.

Contrary to leftists claims that environmentalist support is a gauge of public support, this is a outright lie, almost all support is obtained by way of funding misleading and false advertisements and organized staged protests by paid protestors

Hiding funds coming in and or being disbursed must be considered fraud.

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