Taylor Bachrach catering to Radical Extremists

The public not only has a right to know, it needs to know where your tax funded dollars are going when you elect a man to represent you in Ottawa.

Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition (SWCC) is funded by a number of American organizations who are dedicated to making sure Canadians do not get a share of the energy being sold on the world market. Its no secret that Taylor Bachrach and his wife are life long members of the Sierra Club (American) who hides it well by simply naming Canada as a separate chapter, and British Columbia as a way to make it appear even more local. The Sierra Club is mostly funded by the same people who fund the American Tides Foundation, , who also hide their antics in Canada by re branding here as the MakeWay Foundation. (Note the link to Taylor Bachrach has a myriad of environmentalist radicals)

The next set of images is very recent, it shows Taylor Bachrach at another dummy organization (the hide and seek factor) but in reality Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition (SWCC) and Skeena Energy Solutions are one and the same people, more cover-up to hide their agenda.

These are the same people who were also involved in the community info session on the Ksi Lisims LNG Terminal proposal in the Nass estuary

Kolin Sutherland-Wilson arrested 28th Oct 2021 for his antics against the CGL pipeline and again he was involved with the CN Railroad blockade in Hazelton. He was also a primary organizer for the community info session on the Ksi Lisims LNG Terminal proposal in the Nass estuary

Skeena Energy Solutions is just another cover for hiding American influence peddling funded by Tides and other organizations (See the list here)


These are highly paid slick eco-warriors who care nothing about local communities and jobs, its an occupation where members can get rich without working. (Check the link its the same people) These people were involved in sabotaging equipment, they were the only ones out there but for a lack of so called evidence they get ot continue their criminal activities. Can we call it a coincidence that we have so many photos of Taylor Bachrach attending their functions?

This is the new ways and means of how they hide who is funding the radical left, its election interference run through a money laundering scheme and its been working quite well for them. If you have time read the links we included, they are very revealing. However this story involves another radical group that was directly involved in trying to blockade a legal environmentally approved project, in simply English trying to block approved projects is illegal, protesting them is one thing, but the level of interference went way beyond simple protest.


  We Need a Law – That governs Vote Manipulation.

Ethical rules of conduct by all organizations, media outlets and websites that are funded, and or, to influence the voters and financed by any sources outside of its board of directors on both elected and non-elected organizations. Any organization that uses public education, advocacy, protest, negotiation and non-violent direct action tactics or pays others, to achieve its goals using any money other than personal funds should be required to have an official audit, all funding received or distributed must be accounted for and that information must be public.

Contrary to leftists claims that environmentalist support is a gauge of public support, this is a outright lie, almost all support is obtained by way of funding misleading and false advertisements and organized staged protests by paid protestors

Hiding funds coming in and or being disbursed must be considered fraud.

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