Sharon Priest-Nagata – National Observer – Tides Foundation.

Extremist environmentalists never stop,  always plotting and scheming how to damage or stop any progress from happening in Northern British Columbia. I am not certain if its about living off of Tides funding or if it about the feel good moment when you ruined so many people lives in an effort to make your own life appear a bit more valuable. There are so many people cashing in on the American Tides gravy train, its become a career path for many who loath the idea of a 9 to 5 job.

For those of you who are not familiar with Sharon Priest-Nagata who divorced her husband in the Gulf Islands and moved to the Kixpiox Valley. Both her son and daughter are heavily connected to the extreme environmentalist movement. (The two Tides Foundation funded organizations Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition (SWCC) and Raven Trust)

By trade Sharon Priest-Nagata has her Master of Education (MEd) and Counselling and Psychotherapy. At least the animals on her farm seem to be happy, not sure if she is applying it anywhere else and on whom?

Her son Kai Nagata is heavily involved in the Dogwood B.C Society/initiative. Kia was also heavily involved in the CGL pipeline battle where he did a continuous rant in an effort to badmouth RCMP. (He is also divorced and hails from the Gulf Islands as well.

It looks like Sharon Priest-Nagata used her blog to make her own “hit” on the CGL Pipeline. (see below)

These are people with a agenda that always comes at the expense of others so its important we keep an active eye on their activity. Especially those who might be paid anti establishment, paid by American influences like Tides.

In her latest attempt to promote the Tides owned newspaper in Canada called National Observer we find Sharon Priest-Nagata soliciting in a Facebook Group, fishing for people willing to talk to a National Observer Reporter.

She makes no mention of the National Observer being owned  and run by the Tides Foundation, nor does she disclose the objective of her request. This is all about making climate change what it is not. While we 100% agree we are living in a time where climate change is making sweeping changes to our lives, no scientific evidence shows we as humans are the driver of the change.


Clearly the objective has nothing to do with compensation and everything to do with badmouthing industry in our region. We need constructive criticism yes, but in an effort to improve projects, not an effort to turn Northern BC into a poverty stricken version of Mexico where anarchists reign supreme.

Without a doubt Sharon Priest-Nagata has joined the anarchist movement, here is a screenshot from her blog. This is where she rants, laments about residential schools, Huckleberry  Mine, and everything about how aboriginals are the victims here. No mention that its almost 100% led by white anarchists. It seems her rants are a form of penance for living on aboriginal land, a payment of kinds, but not a word of how she plans to give unceded land back to the Gitxsan.

Look at this group in Kispiox, all living on unceded land, wanting goverment to take it back for First Nations, all except the land they are living such cushy lives on, they are paying for it with their lip service. Its not just her, look at the Shannon McPhail and her family who logged of most of the Kispoix Valley.

She is paying for that with her rants against industry and Canada as well as he rants against the RCMP.

Lethal overreach, what a crock of horse dung. Eco radical extremism at its best.

I guess its anyones secret as to who is funding her blog, is it Tides? Is it Dogwood? Is it Raventrust?


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