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The resource industry is the lifeblood of our nation, without it Canada could not pay its bills, fund Medicare or the many other social services Canadians rely on.  Canada has it all, and competitors fear that Canada could be the leader in the resource sector, so they spent over a billion dollars to remove Canada from its competition. All the money Canada has comes from the private sector, none of it comes from the goverment sector.

Domestic Terrorists in the Bulkley Valley (Click to Enlarge)


“We are suffering from a billion dollar attack on the Canadian resource sector.”

“Our jobs, our income, our future is at risk.”


There is nothing wrong with wanting to protect the environment or belonging to an environmental organization unless the organization sells it soul to the devil in exchange for funding. We believe that is the case for every organization we have listed on our website, and we included links to why we made that observation.

Billions of dollars spent by neighbouring countries to remove Canada as competition in the resource industry. They use and pay Canadians to fight each other, even violently under the pretext of protecting our environment.

We have come to realize that getting a million dollars to fund an anti industry campaign is so easy, it boggles my mind why anyone wants to work for a living. You just need to find the connections and multi millions are waiting to be handed out from American and other international sources.

They are billions of dollars in funding available to shut down Canada

Like parrots so many ignorant citizens jump onto the bandwagon, thinking that somehow they are doing the righteous thing for our country. Its both stunning and stomach churning listen to the level of ignorance being sold to us, all bought and paid for by outside influences.

The worst part of all these sickening attacks on the people of the north, is the abuse they place on First Nations, in particular the Wet’suwet’en people.

Domestic Terrorism in the Bulkley Valley – A must see video.

“We need to get outside interference out of Canada, so we need to identify who on the inside is working for or with the outside interference.”

This kind of domestic terrorism is an outrage, these people should be sent to prison for life.  (Click to Enlarge)

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