We fully support protecting our environment, we want to pass to our children a world full of natural beauty and wonder.

First and foremost I wish to make it clear that we fully support the preservation of our environment, our parks, the incredible gift nature has given to us, we fully support any democratic endeavour to protect and preserve our super natural British Columbia.

Where we draw the line in the sand is when un-elected bullies organize to impose their wishes on society, and or extort society to get their way.

What we oppose is neighbouring nations funding a false narrative about our environment, while they continue to destroy their own, they fund both out of ignorance and or personal greed Canadians and many non Canadians using a combination of terrorism, propaganda campaigns, fear mongering and using both violent and non violent protest to destroy the jobs of hard working Canadians.

The objective of this website is to provide clarity on how foreign intervention is being used to manipulate the opinions of Canadians so that these foreign entities can benefit from shutting down industrial progress in not only all of Canada, but in particular who is involved in shutting down all aspects of mining, forestry and energy in northern British Columbia.

The money laundering system is very much alive and active, they ship multi millions into a top level Canadian charity, like Tides USA to Tides Canada, then they distribute it from Canada into other charities who redistribute it over and over again so there is no paper trail. We call it the sideways shuffle, they shuffle it as a Canadian donation to another charity who does the same.

We will not cover all organizations that are operating under the disguise of environmental organizations, instead our focus will be on those who are operating in the Pacific Northwest portion of British Columbia.

We owe a dept of gratitude to the wok done by BC-North that allows us a lot of researched material that we will update and expound on.


The Eco Cult Uncovered