Center for Science in Public Participation

This is yet another American Organization that is sticking their noses in Canada’s decision making. below is a list of mines they are targeting in British Columbia, there are many other mines as well in other parts of Canada also …

Environmentalists need to come clean on Income and Expenses We need Legislation.

Industry is the backbone of our nation, we regulate it, we have laws to protect the environment, and we as a society foolishly allow individuals from other nations to undermine Canadian Industry.

We are not talking about industrial proposals, we

Fair Mining Collaborative

Fair Mining Collaborative is  an organization created by the Real Estate Foundation of BC. The Real Estate Foundation of BC is yet another environmentalist organization that says this about themselves. “The Real Estate Foundation of BC is a philanthropic

BC Mining Law Reform

BC Mining Law Reform

Here is yet another organization of that hides behind a wall of secrecy in regards to who runs the show. Is it because too many names already belong to too many similar organizations and groups. Are …

Friends of Wild Salmon

Friends of Wild Salmon

Do not let the truth get in your way about these guys




So the blatant stark reality is that the Northwest Institute for Bioregional Research are one and the same as the Friends …